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Fall TV Preview


Though summer is the most cherished of seasons, it’s also a time for a pop culture phenomenon known as television limbo. In summer, syndication is king, and reality shows sadly take up precious primetime slots. But once the weather takes a jolly stroll down the thermometer, it’s time to return once more to your old boxy friend. A slew of shows are popping up on the radar this season, some good, some mindless slot-fillers. Get the dirt on some of this year’s new shows, along with a few returning favorites.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Premise: Back for a fifth season, Sunny is possibly both one of the funniest and most polarizing shows on television. Perfectly executed running gags come off as vulgar, low brow humor when translated through the unsavory characters of the show. Deandra “Sweet Dee” (Kaitlin Olson) runs Paddy’s Irish Pub, along with Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day) and Dennis (Glenn Howerton). Back as the unscrupulous father, Frank, Danny Devito makes up for his already naturally humorous height with an even funnier display of confusion, ignorance and tactlessness for everything around him. But the young ones are no saints either, beating up the homeless, faking their own deaths, and getting addicted to crack. Hey, it’s all in a day’s work.

The pre-season festivities are going on now through September 25th, where “the gang” is doing a six city tour of “The Nightman Cometh,” a live musical adaptation first inspired one of their more popular episodes, “Sweet Dee’s Dating a Retarded Person” and later realized in the season finale.

Why you’re skeptical: For those just getting in to the show, it may not be love at first sight. But from their pilot episode (which cost just $200 to shoot), the cast of It’s Always Sunny has slowly but steadily managed to worm their way into America’s hearts, even if it’s just a very cleverly disguised case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Why you should watch anyway: This season promises to tackle hot button issues like the economy on their season premiere “The Gang Exploits the Mortgage Crisis,” along with progressing insider storylines. For instance, much to Charlie’s chagrin, it will be revealed that the waitress (played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis) is engaged to be married.

Premiered: September 17th at 10 pm on FX Networks


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